Our lives depend on the ocean, and its future is in our hands.

"Every other breath we take comes from the ocean. Our fate and the ocean's are one."—Sylvia Earle

The Campaign
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    We must protect the ocean—but that’s only the beginning.

    At Seattle Aquarium, our mission is Inspiring Conservation of our Marine Environment. Now, we are at the leading edge of a movement to push conservation from sustainability to regeneration. We can aspire to more than just limiting harm—we can restore health to our ocean and create planet-positive buildings, communities, and cities that give back more than they take from their natural environment.

    A Seattle Aquarium staff member kneeling on a beach at low tide, talking to two young children.
    Close up of a species of coral underwater.
    A spotted ray swimming underwater.

    We have a vision to make ocean conservation a global imperative, a community value, and a deeply personal priority for all—starting here on Seattle’s waterfront.

    Seattle Aquarium is now launching the most significant campaign in our history as part of a multi-phase, organization-wide transformation. We will dramatically expand our global and local conservation efforts and engage more than 1.5 million people every year in robust conservation education and inspiring encounters with marine life.

    This campaign centers on three priorities, all of which will cultivate an ocean ethic – an ethos of care and action on behalf of marine life – for generations to come.

    Our Progress

    Currently, the Seattle Aquarium has raised $123.2 million from a combination of private philanthropy and government sources, or 77% toward our comprehensive campaign goal of $160 million.

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    $123.2M of $160M raised

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    No water, no life. No blue, no green.

    Sylvia Earle

    Our Priorities

    A rendering showing the front of the new Ocean Pavilion building with people walking on a sidewalk in front of the building.

    Our Home

    Ocean Pavilion and Campus Expansion

    We will put ocean conservation at the center of our city and the hearts and minds of all visitors by creating a brand-new Ocean Pavilion, an iconic center for ocean advocacy that extends our ocean story from Seattle to the Indo-Pacific.

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    Our Ecosystems

    Species Recovery and Thriving Marine Life

    We will expand our global species recovery and ocean conservation efforts, restoring healthy populations of endangered species like the leopard shark and pinto abalone.

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    An adult male wearing boots leans over during low tide on a beach to investigate an object or animal on the beach.

    Our Future

    Education and Advocacy

    We will build a movement of ocean advocates to shape a hopeful, flourishing future through our youth engagement and advocacy programs.

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    Our Partners

    Seattle’s Indigenous communities are critical partners in ocean conservation.

    Seattle Aquarium honors our location in the traditional territories of the Coast Salish people, the original stewards of these lands and waters.

    An egg shaped piece of glass artwork, with a rope going through the piece and wrapped around the bottom. by Dan Friday.

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    We thank and honor the hundreds of donors and partners who have already made a critical investment in this vision. Fill out the form to learn more about supporting our mission.

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